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i really haven’t meant to be away for so long. i had a post in my head about getting used to jude’s new “i don’t sleep through the night anymore, and really need a mama to hold me and not ever put me in my bed” routine. i was going to talk about my theories of this new night time clinginess: language explosion, the continuing molar derby, expanded boundaries about where she is allowed to be alone in the house, etc.

and then she got a 103.5 degree temperature – yeah, that’s what it was an hour after tylenol.

we took her to the doc yesterday morning. strep. she’s on antibiotics, which we have to force down her gullet, with the horribly cunning use of arm restraint, and blowing air in her face to force her to swallow.

she will not eat. only wants to nurse, and not that much. she does not want to drink anything. she will only sleep for small intervals when attached to a mother.

(and i’m ignoring the fact that my throat is beginning to burn as well.)

tips for a streppy baby, internet? i needs them.

refused: pedialyte (frozen and un), water, milk (intermittently), juice, lukewarm chamomile tea, jello, all solids, including CHEESE!

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