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jude has finally begun to say ‘no’. though hearing the word will undoubtedly grow old soon enough, right now, it is simply adorable. she says no in a very polite way, as if she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by saying it. furthermore, it comes out sounding like a question, with her little lilting voice. and the accompanying head nod? totally rivals that of stevie wonder in a ‘boogie on reggae woman’ moment.

conversations go a little like this:

me: jude, do you watch dora?
j: no…no?
me: do you want a snack?
j: no…no?
me: do you want to read a book?
j: no…no?
me: do you want to go to the park?
j: no…no?
me: do you want world peace?
j: no…no?
me: well, what do you want, then?
j: *makes the sign for milk*

and then she laughs and laughs and rushes my boobies.

i love my kiddo. i love that she already has a finely honed sense of humor, and that it’s all kinds of silly.

exhibit a:

here she is watching the rain while wearing 3d glasses. it must be noted that she is not wearing pants.

in other news, my internet–and soon to be IRL, right?–friend, christine featured a pic of j and me on her blog today. every week, she posts a lovely photo of a breastfeeding mama, and every week, i get a little weepy. i highly recommend that you read her. her life is amazing: a gaggle of bio and adopted kids living in an RV park that she and her husband just purchased. if she owned some goats, i’m sure h would leave me and pitch a permanent tent onsite.

ETA: great. now i can’t stop thinking about jim trott from the vicar of dibley:

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