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today is jude’s 17 month birthday. i am currently trying rather hard to make the time to write a letter, spanning the last TWO months.

*frustrated sigh*

i really hope that day is tomorrow.

for now? snapshots.

yesterday, i had to turn around on my way to work, in order to return the phone and wallet h had left in my bag. upon re-entering the house, mere moments after having left, i found an unsuspecting jude straddling h’s lap on the couch, fork in hand, eating all the sweet potatoes (cooked fried potato style) off h’s plate. h appeared unable to move from underneath our foodhound. jude didn’t even notice me.

when i came home from work last night, i found jude taking her bath while wearing green-tinted baby sunglasses. she screamed with delight when she saw me. the sunglasses went all askew.

boots the monkey was in my dream the other night. he was a present tense cartoon, narcissistic as ever, and late for some playdate or something with jude. i was angry. i was angry with a cartoon. sweet lord.

the end.

ETA: ooo! i forgot. here is the first fruit of the orange tree we planted last year. i boasted posted this on fb earlier, but may have left out the fact that we buried jude’s placenta under the orange tree.

[it was a beautiful fruit, btw. but very bland in flavor. le sigh.]

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