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for those of you sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting for an update on the state of my ovaries, this is your lucky day!

i started the clomid challenge once more for a cycle such as this. i have one seemingly bum ovary. pre-jude, i’d have a long ass cycle (40ish days), usually anovulatory. and then i’d have a more normal cycle, with confirmed ovulation.

post-jude, i have about a 16-18 day anovulatory cycle, followed by a clockwork cycle.

this is my first of the former cycles on clomid. cd18, and there is no sign of blood. nor, however, is there any sign of ovulation. oh sure, i’ve had fertile cm, twinges galore, but no sustained thermal shift, and nothing even close to a +opk. what i have had is 18 days of pms. crankiness. sugar cravings. malaise. fuck you, clomid. you’re an asshole. (now make me ovulate.)

and that is all i will say about my clomid frustrations.

to reward you for reading such drivel, here is a really cute picture of jude that i posted on fb yesterday.
i captioned it thusly: life with her mothers must be rubbing off: old tshirt, doorag, and no pants.

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