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for m.

this entry is for my wistful friend, m. she wrote a post about autumn in her yard yesterday, and it made me so very wistful for her.

my friendship with m is priceless. she has been both anchor and wings for me over the years. i love her fiercely. she has taught me all about the sanctity of the perfect cup of tea.

so we stayed with m in tennessee at the height of autumn’s glory. autumn never quite arrives in austin. the leaves hold a vaguely yellowish color until they’re brown, and then they all fall off their branches. though tennessee is no match for the pennsylvania wonder of my childhood, it’s still pretty damn majestic. it was a balm to embrace it with all my senses. and it was a gift to introduce it to my daughter.

m writes about the time of year when her grassless yard overshadows the perfectly manicured green yards of her neighbors:

in the autumn, after a good storm, when the trees shake off their leaves, my yard becomes stunning (well i’d go so far as to say jaw-droppingly gorgeous) – a wonder of nature. really. and we are the envy of the neighborhood. i smile and wave on those crisp fall mornings as my neighbors stumble towards their cars in the early morning light, hoping nobody will notice the dismal, dull state of their yard. hi there. i say. isn’t it a marvelous fall day. just look at these leaves. wow. well have a great day.

even with the rain and more rain this autumn, take a look at what’s talking about:


leaf lover.


and, meet m’s dog, vincent, whom jude called “kitty”:
wild vincent.

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