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always emerging.

so i’m cutting myself some slack with nablopomo requirements. i am staying away from the internet for most of my weekend (ie sun-mon) these days. i am becoming downright protective of uninterrupted time with my family. jude is needing my full attention right now, and i’m doing my best to give it to her.

i really can’t comprehend the explosions of knowledge and understanding that are happening in her head. she understands everything we say. she now answers questions.

me: hey jude, guess what?
jude: what?
(we are teaching her to reply with ‘chicken butt’.)

at a birthday party the other day, there were a bunch of balloons. we gave her an orange one, tied it to her belt loop, and she proceeded to run around in bliss for hours. however, she was not satisfied with just an orange balloon. so, amidst a group of talking adults, she signed “more” over and over, pointing to her favorite colored balloon: blue. when she was ignored, she said, clear as day, “i want the blue one”. a complete, grammatically correct sentence. the room quieted, all the adults staring at this creepily mature voice. jude resumed signing emphatically, and was given a blue balloon. [later, she would try to offer my breast to this new balloon bff, but it wasn’t interested in breastmilk.]

language explosions are weird. she hasn’t said a sentence like that since sunday, unless you count the one word protest: iduhwantoooo, which is new. that exclamation is usually followed by the jelly-boned flop onto the floor. how she does not crack her head on the stained concrete when she tantrums remains a mystery. but, i digress. language explosions. i am forever shocked when my blathering baby comes out with a clearly spoken english phrase. it’s almost creepy. like dancing ally mcbeal baby creepy. i know that she is forming neural pathways for these phrases, and then can’t necessarily find her way back yet. last month she said “flower” like a fluent english speaker. now, she can’t repeat it.

me: can you say ‘flower’?
jude: a-ta
me: good. can you say ‘kitty’?
jude: a-ta
me: nice try. can you say ‘acetaminophen’?
jude: a-ta-ta
me: excellent.

one word, though, that she never forgets: cheeeeeese!

that’s my girl.

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