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dear jude,

you’re currently inching up on 16 months old (and 35″ tall). here i am playing catch up once again, and find that already, i’m forgetting a lot of the details of last month. life with you is so present tense–you are constantly becoming more you–that it is hard to chronicle by memory alone. i am grateful for the days when i remember to take snapshots of you, because my memory is jogged a little.

with that in mind, here are some moments of you at 15 months old.

your primo, carlos, came to visit over labor day. at 5 months old, he was wary of your loudness, and initially cried every time you screamed with joy. being an easily-adaptable baby, however, he came around, and spent all of his waking hours smiling at you, or futilely attempting to dodge your rough affections.

despite the constant correction from your mothers, you spent that whole weekend showing a lot of love to your people, especially me, as i was sicksicksick. for the first time since you were a baby, you snuggled on my belly, while uncle g remembered what it was like holding a baby.

if you were to ask me later how i would describe you at 15 months, jude, here is what i would say:

this month, you clearly demonstrated empathy for the first time. a few weeks ago, your mama and i babysat your friend bobby, along with a brilliant three year old girl named skylar. (you were the same size, btw.) we’d never met skylar before, but agreed to watch her as a favor to bobby’s parents, so they could have a night out one the town with skylar’s parents. did i mention that skylar lives in california? that bobby’s house was unfamiliar to her? that she was overtired and hungry? so. her parents left. she took one look around at her surroundings, and had a total meltdown.

you have never seen a peer of yours cry before. she wept uncontrollably for…an hour? seventeen hours? it was excruciating to bear for all of us. but you kept approaching her, over and over, patting her on the back and trying to hug and kiss her. you knew she was suffering, and you wanted to make it better. it may not have helped (because you were a foreign toddler who was all but sitting on her lap), but i felt like i was given a small glimpse of your big soul. there was a brief moment in which i stepped back from my mom’s-eye-view and saw you as the separate, loving entity you are. and i was all squishy with pride.

so that is the essence of 15 months, kiddo. lest i get ahead of myself with your maturity, i must include the fact that you (still) gag yourself because you think it’s funny.

i love you,

self-serve goldfish:
efficient goldfishery.

owning the slide:
owning the slide.

seal love:
loves this seal.

so very over the mamarazzi:
so very over the mamarazzi.

my beauty:
my beauty.

blue-eyed wonder:
my smiler.

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