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temps are nice and high in a consistent sort of way now that i’m breathing through my nose again. beginning yesterday, a blanket of nausea has taken me over in the morning. it’s a familiar nausea, one i learned to live with for 17 weeks when i was pregnant with jude. my hips ached so much last night that i couldn’t sleep. h rubbed them like she did when i was in labor, like she did for my whole pregnancy. these are not psychosomatic symptoms.

i will test on my birthday, which is monday.

i am calm about this, not obsessing at all…probably because we’re driving to nashville overnight tonight. nothing like a colossal distraction to make the tww fly. i’ve already packed my peestick(s) and cup. here’s hoping for a july bug.

pee ess dear jude, i have a letter to you brewing in my head. photos are at the ready. you have been warned.

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