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so, i am home sick for a second day, as i try to rid myself of the green goo residing in my head. jude had her mmr shots yesterday, and is seconds away from cutting her bottom molars. this combination has resulted in a cranky, contrary, tantrum-y toddler, who has taken to biting my nips in frustration. last night, she even bit one through my shirt. oh, my little angel.

while it makes my heart ache to think she is not feeling well, it is also hilarious to hear her swear to herself in that unintelligible pre-english language of hers. she is yosemite sam in a diaper.

chart update: temp is still up. insemmed last night. i got another +opk this morning. yesterday’s was an immediate 2 dark lines. today’s took about a minute, but it is definitely positive. so, we will do it again tonight, for good measure. i’m pretty sure my egg was waiting for the swimmers last night, twiddling her thumbs, and staring at her egg timer.

in the unromantic moment of the insem, i tried to imagine all this clinical stuff resulting in an actual person. a daughter or son. jude’s sister or brother. and h sang the yo gabba gabba song “think happy thoughts” quietly to herself as she did the deed. afterward, we watched an episode of modern family on hulu.

i’m going to take a nap now, but here is my new favorite pic of j, taken by rachel.


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