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“are you sure?”

ETA: i stand corrected. jude is 34 1/2 inches tall. jebus.

in my head, i’m currently writing jude’s 15 month letter. soon it will be on virtual paper as well.

but guess what? on weds, we laid jude on the scale at the ped’s office, her head touching the edge so her height could be measured. the nurse paused as she calculated. “are you sure her head is touching?” she asked. “because she is 34″ tall.” yes, friends, at 1 year, 3 months old, my daughter is almost tall enough to ride a roller coaster. at 12 months, btw, she was 33 inches. she is on track to be 3 feet tall by age 2, which, anecdotally, means that i should start investing in the longest of long pants now, because holy hell she’s going to be 6 feet tall.

(incidentally, she also weighs 30 lbs.)

have water bottle. will own playground.

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