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dearest jude,

yesterday, you went and turned 13 months. one year old, i was prepared for, mostly. thirteen months? not so much. silly of me to think i could hold you still for a little while, and revel in your one-yearness. already, you are sprinting toddling forward toward becoming a full-fledged kid.

mostly, you are a kid. you run around and dance in circles and clap your hands and giggle at funny things and play with everything your hands can reach. but then you get sleepy, and you want to nurse, and your face becomes a baby’s face. you still try to suckle my chin–or other exposed flesh–and then you fall asleep at my breast, sighing like a baby.

i know these days are numbered…probably in the double digits now. i’m holding them, like i’m holding you, a treasure. where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, i read in the bible so many times when i was younger. i understand what that passage means now.

this month, your language skills have taken off. your first–and favorite sign–is “more”. not content with the ASL sign for “more”, you say it your own way: with a finger pointed determinedly at your opposite hand’s palm. you can sign the sentence “more milk”, which is impressive to me. concise and direct. no need for an editor. good work, communicator.

other signs include: bird, up, milk milk milk milk up more milk up. and then, like pooh, it’s a finger to the temple and “think think think”.

it’s a little surreal to finally have a two way word communication with you. between your burgeoning signs and words (such as fffffffan, hey!, kkkkkki [kitty] ahm [elmo], and mama), your inquisitive mothers get to peek into your mind a bit. i told mama h the other day that you are beginning to narrate your own story. i am flabbergasted by humans’ innate ability to contextualize consciousness into story. but here you are, doing it. furthermore, you are learning that symbols represent abstractions. when and how did your amazing brain make such a leap?

you are waking up, darling. no longer do you stare in confusion and entertainment at the baby in the mirror. just last night, you held a hairbrush in your hand as you watched yourself. instead of offering the brush to your reflection, you used the mirror to help you find and brush your own hair.

alright my love, i could write forever. i could tell you so many stories of how much you love–and beg for, and nearly choke on, for all the hoarding in your mouth–cheese. i could spend thousands of adjectives detailing your delightfulness. but i will spare you the sap. you have a whole lifetime to discover just how sappy i can be. congratulations.

i love you,

pee ess you are totally worth the rugburn i am sporting on both knees from chasing you around the big bed.

tall teeth
top teeth!

my gorgeous one
my beauteous beauty.


birthday girl
32 inches tall.

nekked dachshund lover (with a shout out to the family o)
nature girl is the real dog whisperer.

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