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  • we have taken alllll your amazing words to heart, re: kid 2.0, and may have reached a verdict.  thank you for participating so graciously in such weighty decisions.  you are all my favorites.
  • we’ve both been peeing on ovulation sticks, to keep track of our cycles.  we even share the same pee cup.  (ah, intimacy.)  the other day, h got a very positive opk, and a little while later, i tested, and got a near positive.  two hours after that, however, i started bleeding, at which point i asked h if she’d rinsed the pee cup after testing positive.  she blushed and shook her head no.  yes, friends, i tested positive for h’s ovulation.  and then promptly started my period…14 days after i’d started my last period. (a 2nd opk with only one line proved this.)
  • did i mention that the shared pee cup is an empty prozac bottle?
  • in other news, my toddler defies logic by continuing to get cuter, every single day.  and curls?  my former baldy gots curls!

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