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on timing.

we’ve hit a good stride in our home recently, with a toddler on a predictable-ish schedule, who is happy and growing and adored. h loves being the homemaker (in every sense of the word) mama, and i’m plugging along at work, hoping to move onward and upward. in a word, we are content.

and yet, we are in more and more serious talks about another baby. soon. well, realistically, it may not be soon. we could start trying tomorrow, and maybe we’ll have a harder time getting pregnant. but. we could (heh) conceivably have a child within a year. a whole new life. a whole new member of the fambly. are we up for this?

my uterus is going to sit this round out. h is ready to try, i.e. the subtle tick tock is crescendoing into jungle drums. familiar much? uncle g is onboard for another round. i can hear his parents squealing at the prospect of more grandchildren to spoil. it feels like we’re revving up toward ttc again…

are we insane to be considering the possibility of two kids in diapers? probably. does that mean we should wait until jude is a little older to try for another? i don’t know. it didn’t make sense for me to get pregnant when i did, and yet, here is jude. everything is in its right place.

midwife michele reminded us recently that there is never an ideal time to grow a fambly, and that if the world waited for it, we humans be an extinct species. she is probably right. (she may be trying to drum up repeat business, however…)

i waffle back and forth between these three thoughts:

we are messing with a perfect family dynamic.
the family dynamic will only become more perfect with any additional kiddos.
we don’t want jude to be alone, should anything happen to us.

i realize this entry is disjointed. sorry for that. but. i would love to hear your thoughts on:
a. deciding to have just one child
b. having kids close together vs
c. waiting to have more children

in the meantime, it’s so very inappropriate, but equally funny. may i present, babies havin’ babies….

babies havin' babies.

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