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yesterday, jude refused to take off her shoes. she even kicked a soccer ball in them. i’m so proud.

[note, at :58 she says “shoe”.]

[also of note: please forgive the lo-fi cellphonelicious quality of this video.]

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yeah. re: marriage and more children…

yes, we are getting married. finally. we plan on driving to iowa city next month. jude’s gabby and pop pop will take care of her for the 4-5 days we are away. [gulp. can we really leave our baby for that long??] we’re still figuring out the logistics of pulling it all off. officiant, witnesses, getting a waiver the 3 day waiting period for marriage licenses, etc. not to mention lodging. it’s a haphazardly cobbled together plan at this point, and though i’ve at least got the time off from work, we’re trying to decide whether we really do have the funds to be traipsing off on a road trip right now.

i’ll be sure to keep you posted. we are so ready to go through with the actual marriage part of our marriage. even if it is hollow in the eyes of the texas legislature. we choose to see that piece of paper as a little weapon against the status quo. and should the momentum grow in states with a constitutional marriage amendment, maybe we can join a big class action suit. we’re investing in justice.

…hopefully in a month.

now, re: kid 2.0. no one is pregnant in our house. we’ve just been having more conversations about when and how. both our clocks continue to tick, and hilariously, it seems as though we are ovulating on the same day. so, about once a month, the conversation becomes a little more frenzied. and then the urgency passes and we feel like it would be insane to try right now, living on just my meager salary.

i do think we have come to an agreement that we will try to have another biological child, with uncle g reprising his genetic role. we have also decided to become involved with the foster system. we aren’t sure whether we’re heading down the foster/adopt route, or if we want to be a more temporary safe place. lots of question marks there.

i definitely want to flesh out this subject more, but i am distracted. our kitty, phineas, is missing. this is him, when he was a kitten:

green eyes.

he is a miracle kitty. here is a bit of his story. he was born an east side feral kitten, and grew to be a big, fat lazy (and healthy) house cat with the sweetest disposition ever.

we had storms the other night, storms with tornadoes in them. i think the weather freaked phineas out. and i’m pretty sure that our very-indoors cat escaped through the dog door. i hope he is in hiding, on the other side of our back yard fence, and will come home as soon as hunger outweighs fear. so far, however, there has been no sign of him. oh phinny-puss, please come home.

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1. i’m done pumping at work, i think. making 3ish ounces per day just isn’t justifiable for all the time and effort spent hooked up to the bovine machine.
it’s the end of an era. i wonder if i’ll ever play solitaire on my ipod again. i also wonder how much longer i will be breastfeeding, period.

…can’t dwell too much on that. or the fact that jude will be a year old in less than a week.

2. planning a wedding–however small and casual–is complicated. anyone know a fambly friendly judge in iowa city?

3. here’s a really cute pic of jude kissing her crying cousin, carlitos. does this mean she’ll be an empathetic big sister some day sooner than later? hmmm…

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i’m taking an advantage of a lunch break to catch up a little here. anyone still out there?

here’s some big, milestone news: jude is full on walking now, across rooms, and back again. more scarily, she is also walking in the tub. however, she is not yet walking in her fancy new sneakers. the ones that are a size 6w and for which we paid $30 at stride rite. she sure does like kissing them, though.

here’s some frustrating news: she has discovered the tantrum. i never knew such high pitched, hyena wails could burst forth from my mellow, alto-ranged daughter. but alas, they do. and increasingly more often, especially at bed time. i know that there is a lot going on in her body: she’s walking, she’s got new teeth, language is developing, and nevermind the fact that she is still growing. still bigger than all the other babies. she stands tall in her 4t clothing and screams.

along with the screaming (which can still be assuaged with nursing, humming, rocking, etc) she has also begun to smack her mothers in the face. mostly, she does it when she is overtired, or trying to keep herself awake (or when she is doing the screaming thing), and i’m not quite sure what to do to curb the behavior.

a common scenario looks a little like this:

jude is nursing happily. she stops for a moment and inspects my nipple (like you do). she squeezes with her deathly pincer grip and i yelp say something like, “don’t do that. that hurts mommy.” then she gives this mischievous grin, and smacks me in the face. i then do one of the following:

a. take her hand away without saying anything
b. in a calm, assertive (pack leader) voice, i say, “no, that hurts mommy.”
c. put her down, and change the scene altogether.

a. and b. always result in jude immediately smacking me again, or trying to gouge my eyes out, as she lets out an exasperated, “ack!” the cycle will continue indefinitely until we move on to option c., which usually works, but doesn’t really resolve the behavior.

so, mamas (and babas and papas), how do you handle discipline and the not-quite-one-year-old?
your thoughts are very welcome.

ok, lest you think my child has turned into a little demon, here are some snaps i have finally uploaded from my camera, only a month after they were taken.

dirty mirrored fambly photo:
my beauty.
happily dragged across the bed by mama:

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