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so. this morning, jude was wandering around our bedroom, as i was still lazing in the big bed. wondering if she was in the mood to be task-oriented, i asked, “where is pollita?” [note: pollita is a fuzzy weeble chicken given to j by my psychiatrist. she adores it.] pollita happened to be out of view, on the other side of the bed.

jude stood still a moment, and put her finger to her temple and tapped a few times. i taught her this. it is an imitation of pooh saying, “think, think, think…” and then she left her thoughtful spot, waddled around the room to the place where she’d left pollita the previous day, and picked up the weeble with a huge sense of accomplishment. she held pollita out to me and said proudly, “pota”.

baby = over.
hello child. kid. toddler with burgeoning language skillz.
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