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are you a regular around these parts, who should be on my blogroll, but isn’t?

let me know. i’ll change that.


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i just spent my lunch hour at the work gym. and now i’m a little thirsty and bit lightheaded.

i’m publicly committing myself to the reclamation of my body. thanks for bearing witness.

you may remember that i ended up about 25 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnant weight after i gave birth to jude. i maintained that weight until a couple months ago, when a few big changes happened:

1. i stopped breastfeeding, except for night and morning sleepy feeds. i stopped pumping too.
2. i started working a shift that had me eating dinner at 11ish every night.
3. i rediscovered my passion for good beer.

so i’ve gained about 10 lbs, according to the very truthful scale at the gym. i even weighed myself all nekkedlike.

i don’t have the time or energy to dream up some big fitness plan, unless i’d like to doom myself to failure. as a working mom, i’m learning to jump on whatever free time slips into my day.

i used to pump for 30 minutes of every lunch hour. now i’m going to use that time to at least work up a sweat on the elliptical.

as my toddler daughter is teaching me, baby steps.

hott ladies, how do you maintain a fitness plan? i wanna know.

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