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life with teether.

aside from the level of busyness my new (and ever-changing) work schedule has wrought upon my bloglife, we’ve now entered phase II of teething: the reckoning.

here’s a visual recap of jude’s first two teeth coming in at 6 months old:
overwhelmingly so OVER the spaghetti

at 11 months old (yes, a letter is forthcoming…at some point…) she still has two teeth. now, it appears that a minimum of four more are making a concerted effort to burst forth simultaneously. this is THE constant appearance of j these days:
Photo 355

the teething situation has escalated past the constant chewing over the past few days, into the realm of fever, lethargy, loose stools, and the need to snuggle a mother at all times. pobrecita. despite the obvious pain she is experiencing, j continues to be her sweet, sweet self, and is liberally dispensing kisses to everyone (and thing) in front of her.

as of this afternoon, there is still no sign of the teeth. and i’m at work until 11 tonight, after which, i will sneak into her room and dream nurse her awhile. it’s all i can do.

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