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remember this.

lazy saturday afternoon. 3:30. seventy-one degrees outside. sunny and breezy. the wall of windows is open. smoke from the coil of incense floats about the living room, smelling like sandalwood and burning leaves. h and jude nap upstairs, cuddled together like the mother and child they are. my hair is damp, after a lazy bath. our shower is being fixed. we all soak in the big tub now.

outside, there is birdsong. so much birdsong. we live near a bird sanctuary. i swear i hear a hawk in the distance. music thumps from down the street. our neighbor, crystal, has turned eight years old and there is a party. we need to get her a gift later today. children are squealing in the streets, riding bikes. a helicopter flies overhead, shaking the house for a moment. military?

the yard is greener than it’s ever been in this drought. our crepe myrtles are flourishing. the orange tree is blossoming. the garden is overgrown with greens.

this is my life on this first weekend of spring. color and sound and scent. i am home and happy and alive. glory be.

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