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last tuesday.  jury duty day.  i wasn’t picked, and so had a whole day off with my fambly.  out of nowhere that night came a bright red storm squall on the radar, moving fast from the west. with anticipation not unlike an imminent firework show,  we turned off the lights and faced out the open westward bedroom windows.  i knelt, and rested my face on the sill, breathing wet air. and with one whip of wind, the temperature dropped 20 degrees.  the clothes line spun in windblown circles and hallelujah, it began to rain. i slid shut the window as thick sheets of rain and hail pelted the pane.  i held my jude in one arm, and curled my free one around my h’s waist.  welcome to your first big storm, ever, i told my daughter.  she struggled to get down onto the floor, the bed, anywhere with a flat surface for crawling.  h and i kissed, grateful for the momentary relief of a relentless drought.

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