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on friday morning, we shuffled around the house in pajamas, overtired after jude kept us up most of the night. we brewed a large pot of coffee, and threw on some wrinkled business casual wear. i remembered, at the last minute, to brush my hair, and hastily fastened it into ponytail. jude, happily, enjoyed being hoisted into a pair of leggings for the first time. and then we were off! off to the county courthouse downtown for h’s adoption of our daughter.

of course, we were running late. and of course, h’s mum was stopped by security on account of the scissors she had in her purse. inexplicably, the security guard then proceeded to pretend to stab herself repeatedly in the stomach, so as to demonstrate the lethal power of sewing scissors. she fake-stabbed h’s mum too. we were dumbfounded. but late. so we just shrugged and moved on.

we were a grand group in the little courtroom: aside from h, h’s mum, jude, and me, we had other supporters in the forms of uncle g, gabby & pop pop, grandmas m & n, and my friend r, who happened to be in town from LA. h & i were so grateful that the majority of our witnesses were relatives of our donor. isn’t that amazing? m & n are a wonderful older lesbian couple who have lived in small town texas through decades of discrimination. and here they were, bearing witness to the law recognizing h as jude’s legal parent. n said later to h, “we paved the way fr this”. we’re not sure whether she meant her gay rights work, or her long presence in the lives of uncle g’s parents (making them so embracing of our “alternative” family). but in either case, we are grateful.

the adoption itself took about 30 seconds. there was no gavel, no raising of our right hands. none of that pomp. the judge simply cooed at jude and signed a paper. jude got to pick a stuffed animal as a token of her adoption. she chose a beanie koala. next thing we knew, we were posing with our lawyer and the judge, as camera after camera snapped shots.

(below is one captured by my camera, but unfortunately it was way underexposed. and so i went crazy with post-processing exposure. it’s not so flattering of any of us, but there we are: fambly.)

we are fambly.

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