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yesterday was a rough day, after a succession of rough days. the world was heavy on my shoulders as i returned home from work, and i had visions of checking out and going to bed early, essentially skipping jude bonding time. however, i was welcomed home by a joyful baby, smiling shyly at me while wildly waving her arms like propellers. and my h gave me loving kisses, and told me that dinner was ready: sesame chicken, asparagus, udon noodles, and sugar snap peas. needless to say, i stayed awake.

lately, j has been obsessed with cups. if you are holding one, she would like to hold it, please. if there is one sitting in her immediate reaching radius, she will lunge like a drunk for a flask. consequently, we have become quite vigilant about keeping her away from mugs full of hot tasty beverages. (i’m talking about YOU, mulled wine. mmm.) we’ve taught jude the sign for ‘hot’, but she doesn’t seem to care much. she all but shrugs and continues to reach. she has no time for such concepts as heat. for there are cups to be grabbed, damnit.

but i digress.

to counteract the cup obsession, we purchased some (bpa-free, thanks) sippy cups, in which we put water for jude’s sipping pleasure. she quickly figured out the suck-to-obtain-beverage concept immediately, but was pretty convinced we’d just given her a modified bottle. could we just gives her sips of our water from our cups, instead? it’s a messy endeavor, but she’s a pretty good sipper. last night, she obliterated the last vestiges of my bad mood by grabbing her sippy cup with both hands and bringing it to her mouth, effectively taking her first unassisted drink of water.

i gushed with pride.

soon after, i took hilariously adorable photos of my big, big girl bouncing around in just a glittery tutu that mama h purchased at the bullseye store. i think we may have a poorly coordinated ballerina on our hands. photos are forthcoming sometime soon.

we went to bed way too late last night. oh but we discovered the secret to a better-sleeping baby: the swaddle. seriously, how did we forget the fact that our child loves to be swaddled? i think the concept fell out of our brains right around the time jude started eating solids. we have a big, nearly crawling baby now. you can’t swaddle one of those, can you? OH, BUT YOU CAN! and we have. and she SLEEPS. for about 4 hours in her own crib. then back to bed with us for a middle of the night snack. and then back into her crib again! h has slept in our bed, spooned by me, for three nights in a row now. i would totally do a happy dance, but i’d have to hold my boobs down.

so, with a freshly swaddled baby snuggled between us, h read a chapter from harry potter, and i nursed. despite the fact that it is december, we slept with our windows open last night. for it was almost 70 degrees. and windy. a cold front is en route as i type now, but this was pure open window weather. bliss.

jude woke us up just before sunrise, and our bedroom smelled like indian summer. like stolen warm moments belonging to another season. jude cooed and smiled and sighed, and i told h that, when she grows up, i hope she remembers the smells and sounds and feels of an open-window night. and i hope that a feeling of warm safety takes her over, just like it did me this morning.

non-sequitur: here is a photo of the squishy baby in the throes of teething sadness.
sad, teething baby.

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