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blargh again. night time is most definitely not the ideal time for me to write. it’s 10 o’clock and i just climbed out of bed after realizing that i hadn’t blogged. super perfectionist me couldn’t simply skip a day in this nablopomo insanity. nope, here i am, bleary eyed, wondering just what the hell i’m going to write about.

i had today off, glory be. what i thought would be a lazy day with my girls turned into a day of too much money spent, and lots of driving. i got a haircut today. see?


yeah, i only get haircuts about every 3-4 months, because they are so effing expensive. i love my girl. she cuts hair like a pro, but she charges an arm and a leg. it’s worth it to have happy hair that lasts for a long time, but ugh, how i hate forking it over. she brought up the possibility of working with my color, which is long overdue, and i nearly cried. no thanks. i’ll keep the dishwater blonde thang going.

after my haircut, i stopped at the store for:

a. ginger ale for an ailing h. she’s fighting what i’ve been fighting all week. my poor beloved.
b. cat food, because the cats will cannibalize themselves if their bowls are empty for more than five minutes.
c. dial foaming soap, because my hands are craving a rich, foamy lather. we are typically dr bronners type people around here, and although i enjoy the good doctor’s product, its lather is lackluster.

moments after arriving home, it was back in the car with us, for our monthly visit with the psychiatrist. uncle dr c, as we call him, was running an hour and a half late with appointments, so a sick h, cranky baby, and i sat in the waiting room till nearly 7:00. h discovered an article in national geographic about migrating beekeepers. hopes for her next career move were dashed when we realized that the issue was from 1993, and it is probably no longer cost effective to migrate with rapidly disappearing honeybees, especially with the economy, gas prices, etc.

after being deemed sane enough by uncle dr c, we made the half hour trek home, as little j passed out in her seat.

and now, my girls are asleep. i should join them.

so, i may have to break my every day posting spree tomorrow, as we are traveling to gabby and pop pop’s for an early thanksgiving extravaganza. forgive me?

here, have a photo of me and the baby being silly:


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