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love, calico style

yes, we still have pets. they are noticeably absent from photos of the judelet because she’s become quite the grabby girl. ears and tails and whiskers are no longer safe in our home. and so we are constantly playing a game of shepherding unsuspecting dogs and cats away from her death grip.

oh, but then there is claira. claira is our cat-matriarch. the fact that she is alive and thriving is a bit of a miracle. i think she is 7 years old, a rescued kitten from a mcdonalds parking lot, and she is FIV positive. she owns the house: all other pets bow to her. oh, but how she loves the humans. any touch, however accidental, is deemed affection. and so, she loves jude. so. much. h caught a bit of video yesterday, but it inexplicably cut off before jude began yanking claira’s ear, which was met with loud purrs. if you listen closely, you can hear the purrs here:

i think this is the beginning of a happy, symbiotic relationship.


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