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today is the coach’s uncle g’s birthday. last year, we celebrated over indian food while i was still muddling through the nausea of my first trimester, and i even wrote a blog post about the experience. this year, we will celebrate w/ uncle g’s mama, who is using her son’s birthday as an excuse to see her granddaughter. cunning cunning.

at the risk of sounding over the top cheesy, i wanted to say: happy birthday, g. you are an amazing man, and we are so grateful for the invaluable gift you have given us. (i mean our child, and not the bose sound dock you gave me for my birthday. though that’s fab too.) jude would not exist without you. and when i look at her, all perfect and happy and so very alive, i can’t help but believe in the meant-to-be-ness of now.

thank you for your big, brave, open heart. you took a humongous trust risk by giving us a child, and jude will grow up honoring that trust. she is here because of that trust. wearefambly because of you.

dear friend, you are fambly forever. though you are so careful to protect h’s and my rights and roles as parents, you are so inextricably linked to jude. in fact, she totally owns you. but you knew that already. when you walk into the room, she beams. when she hears your voice, she drops everything to find you. from the day she was born, you were deemed the one who makes her calm. her love for you is immeasurable. we are so lucky that, for jude, there will never be mystery about who you are, and how she came to be.

on this birthday, i hope you realize what a wonder you are. both h and i are proud to know you, and we love you so very much.

also, for what it’s worth, there is no other man in my life who has seen me, over the years:

1. so very drunk
2. naked while that drunk
3. inseminated
4. in labor
5. naked in labor
6. naked and giving birth
7. topless and pumping

[congratulations on the extra special birthday images i’ve conjured up for you.]

you know me better than a whole lot of other people do, dear g. and you still like me! i am so honored to be your genetic conduit friend.

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