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voting, etc.

so it’s sooooooper tooooooosday, and i’ve spent most of my morning reading loads of excited, anxious blogs, hoping to pick up on the tone of the day all over the country (and world, for that matter). all the words i’ve read are frantic, jittery, hopeful, and most likely fueled by caffeine.

as for me, all day today feels anticlimactic, as i wait for liquor and returns via uncle jon and uncle steven this evening. because i voted last week, at a grocery store. i waited silently in a line for about 20 minutes, and was a bit chagrined at the fact that, since i live 3 miles outside of city limits, i am unable to vote on the local propositions.

after voting, i headed over to store bakery in order to scope out possible cakewrecks, but the cake decorators behind the counter eyed my cameraphone warily. too bad, as there were a few fabulous frosted ghosts that seemed to have been victims of a battery acid spill. think melting googly eyes all askew. classic cakewrecky goodness.

anyway, i voted the day before halloween. and i decided to purchase 5 lbs of last minute halloween candy for the scads of children i was so sure would be ringing our doorbell. (sadly, my estimate was a bit off, and my purchase translated into 1 lb per trick or treater.) i also needed to purchase some infant t.ylenol for little j. i must have looked like quite the patriotic kidnapper as i checked out: crazy woman proudly wearing an ‘i voted’ sticker, walking out of the store with a hefty bag of candy, and a sleep-inducing grape flavored medicine. cackle cackle.

so that’s my voting story. what’s yours?

okay, so it’s taken me all day to write this silly post, as work has precluded my blogtime. a little while ago, i received this email from my sister e:

So by the Barack picture on your website…am I safe to assume you voted for him. You’ll be shocked to know that even though I’m registered as a Republican…I voted for Barack in the primary and election.

i know i chose her as j’s godmother for a reason!
and now i know at least 5 people in texas who have voted for obama. as all the signs say around here: obamanos!

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