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please forgive the lack of posts around here lately. i’ve been working overtime every day, and come home to a needy baby who is still having a hard time adjusting to my absence. our new life is taking a toll on everybody.

meanwhile, i do want to say that my milk supply seems to have rallied. nursing jude in the morning and pumping three times at work seem to be enough to keep us in happy baby land. also, thank you for all the kind suggestions–and lack of smackdown–about our experiment with rice cereal in bottles. we should have done more research before giving it a try, and reading about the studies that suggest a link between cereal bottles and childhood obesity has been eye-opening. this was one of those moments when i blindly listened to my mother’s anecdotes about what helped her stretch her milk as much as possible when i was a baby. needless to say, there is no more cereal in her bottles, though we do have emergency formula on hand just in case. little j has only had two formula bottles, and like everything else we put in her mouth, she’s happy with it.

i have much much more to say, but should probably tend to my job…

and so i leave you with a low-fi video sent just now from h: little j squawking away in her jungle themed overstimulation machine. my god, she loves this thing.

can anyone else tell how humongous she is these days? she’s as tall as a toddler!

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