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what a weekend we have had. i mentioned in jude’s three month letter that she has an ear infection. it’s most likely caused by an eye infection (plugged tear duct gotten out of hand and quite goopy). perhaps we were too quick in making our decision to give jude antibiotics (thank you, mama bleu, for your alternatives links), but they seem to be doing their job.

the downside of antibiotics is the diarrhea and subsequent diaper rash they seem to have brought on. i have been eating loads of yogurt, as well as taking acidophilus pills to counteract the effect. but sadly, our little girl woke up the other night with a scream, and when i changed her diaper, her bum was flaming red. when i put a diaper on her, she wailed and flailed and was inconsolable. i brought her to my breast–the cure all–and she cried on. for the first time in her life, my boob didn’t make it better. i wept silently.

jude finally calmed down and drifted off to sleep when we stripped her and let her bum air out. once she was out cold, we re-diapered her and she slept the rest of the night. since then, we’ve added acidophilus to her bottle once a day, and have used a little cortisone and lotrimin on the rash. three days later, and it is GONE!

she seems to be feeling better overall, though she is very clingy. last night, she refused to sleep in her bed, and so she slept half the night latched on to me (and my still very sensitive breast), but i couldn’t really sleep. when i tried to take the boob away, she’d wake up and get fussy. and so sweet h took jude into her own room–which is to say, spare room with her as-of-yet unused crib and a futon–with a bottle and spent the rest of the night there. jude finally slept for four hours, as did both her mamas. i did feel guilty waking up alone in a big bed with fresh new sheets. but, as h says, at least i’m not cranky.

through all of this discomfort, my little one’s personality has shown through. she is patient and gentle, and is already learning to make the best of things. when diaper changes undoubtedly stung her raw bum, she gritted her teeth gums, and smiled and cooed while grunting. she’s continued to squeal happily at her favorite toys. and she’s begun a new, ridiculously cute behavior: she is in love with our dining room chandelier, which she can see over my shoulder when i burp her. she smiles big with a tongue poking out, and then closes her eyes and quickly looks away. and then she slyly looks back and begins the whole process again. my daughter is flirting with a light fixture. and it makes me all squishy inside.

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