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three months.

dear jude,

yesterday you turned three months old. to celebrate, we took you to the doctor for your first shots. congratulations! here, have some pain in your thighs. sorry about that. we’re really trying to good by you, and i think you understand, as your red-faced crying quit five seconds into an emergency nursing session.

as it turns out, you have a small ear infection, and so are experiencing your first taste of bubblegum flavored antibiotics, which you love. a whole lot. your body quivers in anticipation as the syringe nears your mouth. you seem to be feeling alright, overall, though you are sleeping a lot.

speaking of sleep, thank you SO MUCH for starting to sleep through the night most nights. you’ve taken to conking out during our nightly narnia storytime. mama h puts you in the bassinet, and there you remain for the next 5-8 hours. last week, you slept 6 hours, got up to eat and be changed, and then slept another 5 hours. that’s 11 hours, jude. ELEVEN. you’re bordering on lazy college student sleeping habits. i’m so proud.

oh, before i get off on some tangent, let me say that, at the doctor yesterday, we got your current measurements. here they are, in no particular order:

weight: 16.7 lbs (97th percentile)
height: 25 inches (89th percentile–though we’re pretty sure they measured you short…)
head circumference: 40 cm (57th percentile)

geez kid, you’re big.

anyway, this month has been a monumental one for you. we traveled by plane to nashville for your uncle kevin’s wedding. you were such a champ with constant car rides, hotel sleeping, not to mention the inner ear craziness that is flying. you were passed around to so many people who adore you. you are a very popular baby. neither one of your mamas had anxiety attacks about you being in so many other people’s arms. you’re welcome.

you also met your namesake, big jude, this month. she is such a big part of your story, of your mamas’ story, and for you two to be in the same room made my heart ache with thankfulness. she is coming to austin to visit you this month, and i can’t wait to see what shenanigans you girls get into…

the weather here is cooling down finally, after months of 100 degree days. and so the windows are open, and you get to feel the breeze on your skin. i catch you sighing and smiling when it tickles the back of your neck. today, mama h spent the afternoon working in the backyard, and you and i snuggled up for an afternoon nap. the cross breeze blew lazily, as you nursed and slept. brazilian music on the radio outside filled the bedroom and i sniffed the top of your fuzzy head. we slept for three hours that way. and i stored the memory like a stone in my pocket. you are my joy.

in just under two weeks, i have to return to work, dear one. there are many emotions wrapped up in this reality, and chief among them is grief. i am immeasurably sad to sacrifice our days together, to pump instead of nurse, and miss your daily antics and cuteness. but i am also immeasurably grateful that you get to stay home with your other mama, and that you two will have the opportunity to bond even more deeply. i have been promised by your mama h that the two of you will routinely visit me at the office, and i’m holding tight to the fact that i will see you every morning and every evening.

it’s bedtime now, and i just nursed you to sleep, as the three of us listened to old radio programs via teh interwebs. crickets are singing out the window, and you are peaceful in the fambly bed. my dearest jude, you are loved and safe and home.

my precious.

wedding fambly.

john travolta.

doing the senior picture, hand on chin pose.

in her happy place.

just a typical thursday night.

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