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first, thank you to everyone who left such kind comments on my last post. it makes all the difference. really. today is a better day all around, and i’m sitting here in my backyard sipping a glass of wine in celebration of small victories.

so, today was jude’s and my 6 week appointment with our midwife, appropriately occurring 8 weeks after jude’s birth. i confess that the delay is mostly due to my own procrastination. i simply wasn’t ready at 6 weeks postpartum to have a speculum all up in my suzy. two weeks later, it was more tolerable.

the good news for me is that my wounds are healing “beautifully”. there’s nothing quite like two women staring at your lady parts with huge grins on their faces, as you hold your legs apart on a bed.

the good news for jude is that holy shit she’s thriving. the moment we walked in the door, midwife michele began to laugh. jude is a chunk, there’s no mistaking it. but we weren’t quite sure just how chunky she is. and so michele laid her on the scale. and…wait for it…our little judelet weighs in at 14 lbs 2 oz!! for serious. she has gained 6 lbs in 8 weeks. michele swears that i feed jude milkshakes. more like recycled hot pockets and hamburgers.

it was so good to see michele and midwife kristen. they are a part of our fambly now, and we love them. jude knew their voices immediately, and was happy to be snuggled in their arms. we promised to stop by for lunch in the near future, and left michele’s house with lots of kisses and hugs.

it was a good day.

and now for photo goodness, complete with our gigantic baby:

kristen, jude, and michele:
i heart my midwives.

us with michele:
with midwife michele.

us with kristen:
with midwife kristen.

little j checking out all the cool things on m’s walls:
so much to look at.

m doing her midwifey thang:
michele listens to jude's perfect heartbeat.

oh, and baby (a bit red, but not too bad) bum:
nekkid baby with a red bum.

pee ess, a note on nappies: at home, we keep jude diapered in bum genius or prefolds with wool soakers. on the go, we put her in disposables. we heart 7th generation, but ironically, it’s the p.ampers swaddlers that help with diaper rashes. go figure. so yeah, that’s all.

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