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big days.

well hello there. it’s been quite a while since i’ve sat still long enough to write a post. sorry about that. right now the little 7 week old is sound asleep so i thought i’d steal a moment.

so my mom came to visit last week and stayed for 5 whole days. in that time, she watched with us as jude grew and changed at a record pace. her sly smiles have broken into big gummy grins (as evidenced in the last post) which she gives more readily. her neck has become a stronger, more functional part of her body, and she spends a lot of time sitting up and taking in the world around her. it’s a wonder to behold her discovering her surroundings. needless to say, my mother fell in love.

while my mom was here, we were able to arrange jude’s christening. all three grandmothers gathered together, as well as pop pop. my sister e and the coach (from here on out to be known as uncle g) became jude’s godparents. the christening happened on august 2, my late father’s birthday. i can’t help but hope he was present and smiling.

our dear friend kate performed the ceremony, one of celebration of jude’s original blessing (as opposed to original sin). we all vowed to love and protect our jude for the rest of our lives. and this blessed event took place in our home, with our dining room table serving as altar. i teared up a little as i considered just how hallowed our house as already become, with jude’s birth and christening happening here. what a gift.

funny thing: that day was a cluster feeding kind of day for little jude. just before the ceremony began, she became quite fussy, and so i gave her a boob snack. naturally, she was not done when it was time for h and i to stand in front of the altar. and so i stood before my fambly with my boob hanging out and jude latched firmly. when she finally finished, i didn’t have time to properly rearrange, and so all of the photos feature a large part of my bra hanging out. classy.

exhibit a:
artsy shot taken by aunt eileen.

there are so many other stories to tell, and hopefully i will find the time to tell them properly here. for now, here are some photos from my mom’s visit and little j’s christening:

pop pop, gabby, grandma, nana, and auntie t:

the altar:

my mother’s hand holding jude’s feet on the day they met:
precious little feets.

a comparison: my mom and me in 1978, my mom and jude in 2008:
1978.  2008.

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