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little j giggles now. was it plato who said the soul entered the body at 40 days, when a baby began to laugh? jude wins. she started at day 38. an accidental tickle by h during dressing time did the trick.

also, she is sleeping at more consistent 4 hour stretches overnight.

i am routinely getting 8-10 oz every time i pump. wow.

we ordered digital cable yesterday. our basic cable “lineup” is shite: network, network, 37 public access channels, telemundo + several knockoffs, and our television savior: 2 pbs channels. as of tomorrow, futile channel surfing will end, as we will have bbc america, tcm, the channels with all the baby shows, and all the other gluttonous indulgences i love so much. plus, we will still have our beloved pbs stations.

glory be.

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