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quite the week.

sorry for the lack of posts around here, but it’s been quite a week. this is the first day that we have actually been home all day. sweet jude has been such a little trooper.

so we went to the beach this week. by “the beach” i mean galveston, and by “this week” i mean just as tropical storm dolly decided to become a hurricane headed for the gulf coast. luckily, we just saw a lot of rain and wind. it was actually quite beautiful, as our dear friend dee rented a beach house, one row back from the water. we sat and watched out of huge windows, as we snacked and drank wine for a couple days.

galveston is a 4 hour drive from us, and we got stuck in houston rush hour traffic on our way there. and god bless our perfect daughter, she slept the whole way there. and the whole way home as well.

so now we are home and recuperating from our restful trip! it was so great to actually leave the house for more than a few hours, but so so so wonderful to return. jude has been extra sleepy since we’ve been back. travel is exhausting!

when she’s not napping, however, our little chicken is keeping us very entertained. her sly smiles are coming easier and more often now. her crinkly eyes gleam and she exhales the sweetest of coos, just before launching into a fabulous grunt and release of gas. i love this girl. she gots perfect comic timing.

i must go make myself some food while the gassy smiler is sleeping, but here are some photos:

her one month birthday, wearing her waking up face:
waking up face.
on the beach, just before another storm:
waiting for hurricane dolly
this morning, on her sensory overload play mat, giving the camera her cooing smile:
first photographic evidence of her sly smile.

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