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our homestudy went just fine. our social worker is a very nice lady who is obviously excited for us to finalize the adoption. at one point, as we discussed how grateful we feel to be a family, she got a little misty-eyed.

the woman definitely has a knack for pointing out awkward details. upon meeting jude, her first words were, “oh, pimples!” jude’s cheeks had, an hour before, broken out in a little heat rash.

upon meeting our lucy dog, her first words were, “well she’s not underfed, is she?”


so, that’s one more thing out of the way for the second parent adoption. now we just wait for all the background checks to come back, as well as the annoying texas-mandated 6 month waiting period, and jude will have two legal parents by december.

in other news, h and jude have gone out grocery shopping together, leaving my exhausted self with a couple of uninterrupted hours to rest. this is their first solo trip, and i am so excited to have a break from being the boob. in fact, i’m going to nap now…right after i post this photo, as i already miss my little girl’s face:

always with the arm...

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