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so much to say.

i have so many posts buzzing around in my head–not the least of which is the afterbirth story, which i’m not quite in the headspace to write–but time away from being the boob is precious and scarce, so i will have to spit them out as i get little breaks.

right now, my girls are sleeping soundly next to me, and i am sipping a much needed cup of coffee. the day of my last post was especially rough in the crying jags department, but i have rallied. that was the day we decided we were completely through with trying to inspire jude to eat when she clearly didn’t want to. providentially, it was also the day i received this very encouraging comment from irina:

I don’t like giving advice when it isn’t asked for, but I will share with you my own early motherhood/nursing experience, because it sounds similar to yours.

Sophie was an awesome sleeper and I had to wake her to make her eat. More often than not, I would wake up in the middle of the night convinced that she had starved to death because she’d missed a feeding, only to find her blissfully snoring away.

Until we had our first pediatric exam. And my doctor pointed out that many babies don’t sleep very much at all. And that I should feel blessed that I can get a five or more hour stretch of uninterrupted rest at this early stage.

I found that if I left her alone, Sophie would eat during the day, every couple of hours, then sleep for five or more hours straight, which eased into eight hour stretches by the time I stopped nursing.

It was awesome.

So I just wanted to reassure you that sweet little Jude will let you know when her tummy is empty and that you’re only going to be stronger and more capable if you take advantage of the rest time she is allowing you.

since that day, feedings and sleeping have taken on a new, healthier rhythm in our household. and if i had any fears of starving my child by letting her go longer than *gasp* two hours between feedings, they were alleviated by her official weigh-in on saturday. my little girl gained 1 lb, 2 oz in SIX days. her blissful fattening has been the first notch in my “trust your mommy instincts” belt.

meanwhile, my chubby little girl has now met her nana (h’s mum), and her godmama/aunt e (my sister). needless to say, both nana and aunt e are completely in love, and are ridiculously proud of us for somehow bringing such a perfect being into existence…for their pleasure.

also of note, with my sister’s one day visit yesterday, i stayed up. no naps. and no lying in bed. i was actually really up, sitting somewhat on my ass (or hip). and for the first time, i was able to nurse my baby in my arms. we both loved it. she loved it so much that she demanded the boob every hour all afternoon. my stitches and tailbone are only slightly sore after all of that sitting, and even though jude woke me up every 2 hours last night, i feel relatively rested today. glory be.

i sense that i am about to be called back to being the boob, so here are some photos:

unsure about such extravagant bling.
jude not so sure about wearing aunt e’s engagement ring.

mi amor
post-shower snuggle with jude in her perfectly frilly dress

oh, zz top, i lub you.
loving on zz top the zebra, her 2nd favorite thing to stare at. (boob wins.)

stealing nana's heart.
snuggling with nana

…and finally:

debuting the gorgeous onesie made by the lovely owlie and pcat. thank you ladies so much again!

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