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one week.

today, my darling girl has been with us for a week. at this time last week, i was dry heaving after my castor oil smoothie, my contractions were coming to closer together, and i was just 6 hours away from giving birth. i had no idea how real my daughter was about to become. oh, but here she is now, growing chubbier every day, and she is my whole life.

here are a few things i’ve learned this week:

1. even if she has just peed, jude will pee again the moment a wipe touches her girl parts. one does not have to be a boy to create an arcing fountain, by the way. her fountain of pee is just lovely.

2. ladies about to give birth, take note: once you are out of the sexy mesh panties and the big ass pads, do not use overnight maxi pads to hold your lochia. no one needs wings near their healing suzy. instead, simply use prefold cloth diapers. they are surprisingly NOT bulky feeling, don’t chafe, and wick away the nastiness really well.

3. our breastfeeding relationship is developing really well. it is now, anyway. we spent the first few days trying really hard to follow the schedule of feeding her every 2 hours. because jude is a deep sleeper, most of the feedings entailed a lot of trying to wake her up. we jostled her, swayed with her, burped her, checked her diaper, stripped her, and resorted to the cold cloth on her skin. and basically, the result was either a very pissed off baby, or a sleepy baby who grazed for a few minutes before falling back to sleep.

ultimately, i think all of these attempts to get her to eat when she wasn’t up for it made for a baby who started eating less. by yesterday, she was a super unhappy camper, who grew angry when approached by the boob at all. i had a meltdown, my breasts ached, and i couldn’t deal anymore. and so we decided to let jude dictate her own schedule during the day, so long as she didn’t go past 3 hours between meals. and wouldn’t you know it? it’s working. she stirs on her own after about 2.5 hours, wakes with a little burping action, and latches perfectly. and mostly, she hangs out on each boob for 15-20 minutes!

last night, we woke her every two hours, spent a few minutes rousing her, and she fed like a champ, which allowed h and i much more effective sleep between feedings.

i SO hope that jude is gaining weight back now. her cheeks are increasingly chipmunk-like, and she’s actually got thighs! and she is so content.

4. sleeping when the baby sleeps = good idea. i napped until noon today when jude wasn’t on the boob, and i am a whole new person. hallelujah.

oh, she’s awakened! time to latch her on!

here is your daily jude:
snuggly afternoon.
smile girl.
i ate my twin.
[yes, this tshirt says “i ate my twin”.]

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