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…as inspiration.

the news from here is that we’re working bootcamp today. i gots 10 minutes till i pump again, and torture myself with a little black cohosh under my tongue. at least it tastes like scotch.

woman three, by the way, gave birth yesterday. after making to 6 cm, the baby’s head would not engage, and kept floating high high up. the midwives worked their magic for a long time, before deciding it best to transport. the docs at the hospital advised that pit would probably have about 20% success rate in bringing the baby down, and recommended a c section. so that is what happened, and she gave birth to a nearly 10 lb little girl with a perfectly round head; she clearly had no intention of descending on her own.

michele told me all of this over the phone this morning. “i’m only telling you the details because your baby’s head is already much lower than this one ever ended up. you’re going to break this crazy cycle of transports…”

so, h gave me a cervical massage this morning (so much more pleasant than when done by a midwife), and was shocked to find sparky’s head very very low, my cervix all but gone, and dilation wide enough for 3 fingers to fit through. (mercifully, she didn’t test the 3 fingers estimation. bless her.) she could feel sparky’s head begin to assume cone shape.

and we wait.

contractions come and go, and i feel my baby’s head between my legs when i walk. come on out, child o mine. come on.

time to hook myself up to the bovine machine again. if you were here, you’d see me staring down in absolute wonder over the long slugs of nips being sucked through the pump horn, as h knits a scarf next to me. patty griffin is singing about burgundy shoes. the dogs are asleep under the bed.

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