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two [two!] friends who i haven’t seen in at least two years were in town today, from philly and nashville, completely independent of each other. and so we had visitors twice this afternoon, which was lovely. and i was a good girl, who did no gymnastics while hanging out with them. in fact, i mostly stayed seated. sparky has been quiet all day. no sign of labor.

after our flurry of guests, we napped. this is the view from around here as i lay low, and h still naps as i type:

waiting around and napping.

[note h’s new fish, a betta named georgeburns.]

i’m feeling a bit peckish…ice cream sounds good. mmm…

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1. bootcamp begins today. i’ll let you know if we make any progress.
2. had some intense contractions during the game last night. kobe bryant is such a little bitch.
3. forgot to mention that, as of thursday, my hemoglobin levels are at 11.4. woo.

more later.

ETA: scratch bootcamp. woman #3 from my birth class has finally gone into labor, just under the wire, it seems. i just got a call from midwife kristen telling me explicitly NOT to do ANYTHING today. no pumping. no herbs. no walking. no.thing. i am trying to swallow this like a nice girl. but being told that i am essentially not allowed to have my baby today makes me feel all kinds of rebellious. i need a snack.

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