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midwife appt today was all about having a second blood draw. last week, my hemoglobin levels came back at 10.9 after 2 weeks on all the iron craziness. so, we added chlorophyll and ferrous gluconate with blackstrap molasses. i’m still getting used to drinking a liter of green chlorophyll water every day, especially since it smells like ink and leaves my tongue green for hours. god, i hope my hemoglobin is up now. michele would like to see it at 11.7 or higher, so i can best handle blood loss during the birth.

oh yes, the birth. so, contractions continue, as does the crampiness. i received another lovely cervical massage today, which really ached after having so much poking and prodding up there this week. the plan is to keep doing what we’re doing with the walking and resting, etc through the weekend. if sparky still won’t budge, we begin boot camp on monday.

boot camp goes like this:

i spend two whole days hooked up to a breast pump, double pumping 20 minutes on the hour, every hour. i take a tincture of black and blue cohosh and caulophyllum, rotating every 20 minutes. basically, i’ll be watching a lot of movies.

if nothing happens after two days of this regimen, i will take two days off, and start it up all over again. the hope is that the herbs and pumping will inspire my body to get things going before i suddenly find myself 42 weeks pregnant, and stuck with pitocin. shudder.

at this point, i am completely relaxed about the whole thing. i am confident that sparky knows what she’s doing in there, and will choose her own birthday wisely. (but how kick ass would it be if she decides to come on friday the 13th???!) and i am hoping that the birth stories of the other three women from my birth class simply mean i will have an ideal, uneventful birth.

woman one: her story can be found here.

woman two: she did boot camp at 41 weeks, after nothing was happening. the next day, she had a beautiful labor at home, pushed for four hours, and then had to be transferred to the hospital for a c-section. her baby’s head wouldn’t fit under her pubic bone. she gave birth to a nearly 11 lb baby, who is healthy and humongous.

woman three: was due june 1. she’s still not budging, despite all the midwife tricks. the baby is fine, according to an ultrasound she had yesterday. but if she doesn’t deliver by monday, it’s pit and the hospital.

woman four: me. can i just have my baby at home please?

michele is amazed at 3 transfers in a row. “i haven’t had a transport in 2 years!” she told me this afternoon. “statistically, your birth is now looking awesome…” she encouraged.

and now to a nap.

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