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h and i were out and about running errands when the contractions started coming pretty regularly. (actually, they began in the middle of my therapy session!) i had to call midwife michele for lab results (my iron is 10.9…we’re trying to bump it to 11.7) so i mentioned this fact. they felt a little different today, in that i felt the contractions equally while sitting or standing. and they were coming 3-5 mins apart, lasting about a minute. lower back burn and wrapping around to just underneath my navel. ow.

so michele squealed a bit and asked me to check back with her in an hour. an hour passed; h and i enjoyed a lunch of falafel and gyro, respectively. contractions kept coming. i called michele back, and since were in the neighborhood, she asked us to come by for a quick exam. and guess what? i’ve made progress.

drumroll please: i am now 2 whole cm dilated, and 85% effaced, with a melty, buttery cervix. (such adjectives made me hungry for movie theater popcorn.) sparky has moved on down a bit (-1 station i think), which is why i am feeling pressure on my buttery cervix at all times anymore. well hooray.

michele massaged my cervix for awhile, which was quite uncomfortable, and when i asked about stripping membranes, she told me there was nothing to strip; my cervix and bag of waters are completely separated and ready to go.

and so she advised some mall-walking, which we did, hot sexy sexyness, which surely we will do, and an early night to bed. hopefully, things will pick up from there.

i had some good contractions at the mall, but they’re slowing down now that i’m relaxing without pants on. (you wanted to know this, yes?) however, i am quite crampy and sparky has massive hiccups way down in my pelvis.

i’m ready for you, little hiccuppy girl, if you are ready to slide on out.

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here is what i hope will be the last belly shot, taken fresh out of the shower when my belly is the shiniest. seriously now, i don’t think my skin can keep stretching, so sparky, you will either have to stop growing or simply come out. i say option b is the more favorable of the two.


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