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we had a day of good contractions yesterday. we walked a little in the morning but my heartrate was up and i was a little dizzy, so i went back to bed until early afternoon. naturally, it was 100 degrees again yesterday, and i felt the need to walk to keep the contractions coming, so we went to…the mall.


we sucked it in, though, for the sake of the baby. incidentally, sparky loves shopping. she becomes downright giddy when we are running errands. and so we bribed her with adorable outfits from hot topic and old navy, if she would just get her adorable little ass in gear already.

meanwhile, i seem to have finally finished losing my mucus plug. for two days, i was blessed with a mess of stuff every time i peed. copious amounts. but only a tiny bit of blood the first time it happened. and now, it’s just copious cm. i know that 3rd trimester ladies are supposed to have increased cm, but this is like a period, just with cm instead of blood. and no, it’s not amniotic fluid. i’ve tested the ph, and it’s just good ol cm.

thus endeth the tmi about my bodily fluids section of this entry.

back to the mall, i must confess that i really enjoyed spending time at the aveda store. i got a nice neck massage, and left with a new candle AND new lipstick. hooray! and h smelled so good and aveda-y that i was going to attack her in the fitting rooms of old navy. but alas, the store closed before we got to try anything on. so sad.

i could always attack her now, though…

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