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so far…

today is better. thank you for the encouragement yesterday. i heart teh interwebs sometimes.

woke up very early this morning due to lots of lower back cramping. h rubbed my ropey muscles and ligaments for awhile before we got up. the forecast calls for another possible triple digit scorcher this afternoon, and so after a hardboiled egg breakfast, h and i took a walk around the neighborhood at about 7 am. we got to say good morning to horses and dogs and cows and chickens. i had to stop a few times because contractions gave me a stitch feeling and i couldn’t move. overall, i was able to walk/waddle at a healthy pace with no hip pain. yay.

oh, and the mimosa trees are blooming. h picked me a blossom and we took turns sniffing it all the way home.

afterwards, h walked the dogs and i drove over to meet her at the nearby pond. we sat and laughed as our crazy pups swam after rocks i threw and fetched seaweed instead. h continued on with the dogwalk after awhile, and i drove home to climb back into bed.


oh, and i found a little blood in my panties a little while ago…

midwife appt this afternoon. maybe there will be an update…

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