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a quick update: sparky is still hanging out in utero. i’ve spent most of the day (and most of yesterday too…and the day before) hanging out in bed. no energy. lots of hormones wreaking havoc on my “enviable” emotional stability.

i am a weepy, weepy mess. i cried when h went to the store this afternoon. i didn’t particularly want to go with her, nor was i sad about being alone for a few hours. i just cried. poor h.

i’m feeling vaguely nauseated too, which isn’t helping matters much.

my lower back continues to constantly cramp, bh contractions continue to be painful but sporadic, and i am really hoping that my midwife appt tomorrow will yield news of progress. oh please.

h is saying more often now, “i just want my bananie back”. so do i.

[sorry for the meh tone of this post. hopefully tomorrow will be better.]

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welcome emerson!

congratulations to the chiutenblack fambly, as they welcomed baby emerson–on her due date!–yesterday. she is gorgeous!

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