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turns out i didn’t leak amniotic fluid. i guess it was copious watery discharge. mmmm. still contracting a bit but i get to take the pump off my nips. i’m about 75% effaced and -2 station, so a lot of progress has happened today. i’m 1.5 cm dilated. i got kissed and patted on the head by the midwives, and they still think she’ll be an early bird.

for now, i’m having 1/2 a beer and going to bed.

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hmm [updated]

having contractions pretty close together for the past hour. h checked me, and estimated i’m 2-3 cm dilated. wonder if this is the real thing or if they will fizzle out again?

i mopped the house today. hands and knees bathroom scrubbed. contractions began when i took a bath afterward.


7:30 pm looks like this is early labor. h’s internal check seems to have caused my waters to start leaking and the contractions to feel stronger. midwife michele is on her way over.

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