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as it turns out, i am still 1 cm dilated. (h even got the official tutorial on how to check my cervix in the comfort of our own home. it was a bit weird to have her all up in my biz in front of midwives.) i am also 50% effaced. the news about my constant menstrual-like crampiness was met with squeals and thoughts that sparky will likely not hang out until her due date.

if she is still a fetus next thursday, i have my first home visit, where the midwives make sure they can find our house, give me my exam at home, and likely stay for dinner. (h will make a curry.) how exciting!

my blood pressure is still fabulous at 105/56, i think. heart rate was elevated, at between 90 and 120. they took my pulse several times to make sure i don’t have a heart murmur. i don’t. oh, and my iron. ugh. i was pricked twice today. in order to be clear for homebirth, my iron levels have to be at least 10. the first test showed me at a 9.something. the second was 10.2. and so i’m now having to monumentally increase my iron intake. on top of the ultramins and easy iron, i’m now taking floradix, which tastes nasty! i’m also doubling my vitamin c. and eating steak cooked in an iron skillet. fun.

so there you have it. remind me to tell you the story of our post-appointment visit to ikea today. mayhem ensued. but that’s a story for tomorrow.

edit: OH! and i almost forgot: i now have to sit on a washcloth full o castor oil three times a week after baths. the things i do for my perineum.

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as i write this, h is finishing up the painting of our bedroom. next is sparky’s nursery. we are hoping to get everything done before she makes her arrival, but in the meantime, we’ve got a rough setup to keep some semblance of sanity should she come say, this weekend.

here are some pics from her nursery-in-progress:

soon to fit little arms.
swing, dresser/changing station, pack n play
almost ready...
sparky’s-eye view of her swing mobile
spark's-eye view.

shortly, the beige walls will disappear. [note: the crappiest part about moving into a brand new house in our hood is the overwhelming beigeness of every wall, door, and ceiling.] sparky’s room will be a lovely lavender.

in other news, we’ve got a midwife appt in a couple hours. i wonder if i’ve made any progress in the past 2 weeks? last night, i actually had rhythmic, timeable contractions for a couple hours. they were an average of 15-20 minutes apart, lasting 30 seconds to a minute. and i also had constant lower back cramping, like i was about to get a really bad period. the contractions came whether i was standing or sitting, which is a new development, but fizzled out once i soaked in the tub and went to bed. today, i’m still crampy, but no noticeable contractions.

i DID go on a cleaning spree yesterday afternoon, however. hands and knees, vacuuming the steps kind of cleaning. i am guessing the activity was the culprit… that and the increased dosage of evening primrose oil and dr christopher’s blend. shrug. as my midwife says, false labor is a misnomer; even the tiniest contraction is readying my body for birth. everything is progress.

onward onward.

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peace to them.

so i just read this story on the cnn front page. most of you will probably not be familiar with this man and his family, but i spent a long time working for his record company. he is a good man, who has dedicated his life to really living jesus’ message of loving and serving those in need. please send lots of love to his whole family. i cannot even comprehend this kind of grief.

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