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of note.

i’m sitting crosslegged at a coffeeshop downtown, as h is having her first teacher interview. we’ve just come from our lawyer’s office, where we signed our wills, and thus are as married as we can be in the great state of texass. we made out in the elevator to celebrate.

sparky is still hanging out in the womb, and she’s got a lot of energy today. she seems to be restless in her cramped quarters. soon, little one. soon. you tell me when. (it would be nice if you let h finish painting our bedroom first, however…just a suggestion.)

meanwhile, i really have no idea how my belly can continue to grow and stretch. my skin feels like it is at capacity, and my ribs are all, “hey uterus. seriously? where exactly do you want us to move now? maybe we should think this through a little more.”

i promised myself i wouldn’t whine about my hips today. so i’ll just say, i hate them right now.

h should be back shortly, so i will quickly close with this: i posted some photos from the very pink shower my sister threw us last week. enjoy!

mmm favors....

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