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today i am exhausted. yesterday, we cashed in our many t.arget gift cards and took advantage of the 10% off what we didn’t get on our registry deal. we ditched the co-sleeper idea for just a regular pack n play/bassinette combo. crib sheets, nursing pads, etc. we even bought a spot bot (which, incidentally, was on the registry)! we also purchased everyday wares such as trash bags and brussels sprouts. and god bless the bullseye store, they gave us the discount on our whole purchase.

continuing in productivity/nesting mode, we visited the s.alvation army for a purchase of old sheets and receiving blankets. and then we came home and began packing bags for our home birth. bag of towels. back of sheets. bag for baby. and post partum bag. all ready to go. we even ordered our birth kit.

bassinette is now assembled. almost all baby clothes are clean and put away. today or tomorrow, h is going to paint our bedroom, and then we will begin project keep birthing area clean, which will be maintained until sparky arrives, at which time, all organization will go to pot.

in the middle of all of this busyness, i promise that i really am taking it easy. i sit and point a lot, perched atop my yoga ball.

5 more days, little spark, and you are safe to come to us. but do take more time if you need it. we don’t mind…

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