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non sequitur

once upon a time when i lived in nashville, this man used to hit on me while i hung out at a certain coffee shop.

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every time i eat now, i get clammy and lightheaded and nauseated. yesterday, i had to excuse myself at a mexican restaurant and heave the contents of my belly. i am reverting to first trimester thinking: choose foods that are easy to regurgitate. note: iced tea is surprisingly gentle. salsa is not.

i really do have a real post coming soon. hopefully later today. for now, i just had to whine. and i also wanted to chronicle the fact that, at nearly 34 weeks, i am experiencing constant “cervical bites” (ie quick but intense shooting pains way up in my suzy). and. last night, sparky was doing her nightly stretches, the kind where i can feel head and butt and arms and legs push against the walls of my uterus. the pressure of her head was low low low in my pelvis like never before. she’s still hanging out there. is she dropping? midwife michele will deliver at home from 36 weeks on (assuming all is well with mama and babe). two more weeks, sparkstress. you must stay put for at least that long.

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