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it’s a gorgeous day here in austin, texass. everything is in full bloom and smells like honeysuckle. i’m sitting at mother’s cafe, enjoying a garden patch salad with homemade cashew tamari dressing and 16 oz of fresh squeezed orange juice. mmmmmm.

the cafe is conveniently located down the street from my midwife, so guess where i just was?

i’ve been nervous about this appointment, about whether or not my blood pressure had improved since going on maternity leave and taking on the hawthorn, garlic, and epsom salt baths. well, the moment of truth has come and gone, and my blood pressure today was 106/68. this is compared to the 146/9something from a few weeks ago. my heart rate is between 84-90 bpm, down from 120. and we did a random glucose screening, which turned out perfect. team sparky wins!

sparky herself is once again measuring ahead, as my uterus is 34-35 cm at 32 weeks. she weighs about 4-4 1/2 lbs, michele estimates. she’s a big girl. and me? i’ve gained 2 lbs this month. it may not be much, but i’d been holding steady since about 24 weeks. total pregnancy weight gain as of now? -1 pound. i’m eating plenty and well. everything is just going to sparky, i guess.

so that is the news from mothers cafe: everyone at this table is healthy!

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