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neti neti neti yes!

so yesterday, as i languished while watching the pregnant man episode of oprah–with lots of eyerolling while simultaneously glad that thomas got to tell his own story–a commercial came on for the sinu.cleanse neti pot.  i giggled at the unlikely spokesperson of obscure country star suzy bogguss*, but thought that i should add a neti pot to my arsenal of illness-fighting.  so far, i’ve been shoveling enough benadryl to choke a small horse, just to dry my sinuses out enough to do some semblance of nose-breathing while i sleep.  and the zpack for the bronchitis.  and the vicks humidifier. and tons o menthalatum on the chest and in the nostrils.

nothing. helps.

i returned to work today, after four days missed, and was miserable.  my second customer conversation of the day made me cry.  i couldn’t keep my eyes open for the burning.  i had no business being there.  so i came home at lunch, and picked up a sinu.cleanse on the way.  [purchased at our local co-op, and actually pretty cheap.  plastic = good, as i’m already thinking in terms of what sparky will be able to break one day.]

so it’s been about 2 hours, and wow.  i’m still stuffy-ish, and definitely ill, but that heavy, burning, achy pressure under my eyes and the bridge of my nose is so much better.  and when i ate some applesauce, i very nearly tasted it.  wow.  i am a happy chicken.

and now to nap.  don’t let me forget to write about our first birthing class.

*i once met ms bogguss at a random party with lots of good mojitos.  it was a nashville party, lots of music peoples, but i remember thinking it very random that she was there.  also random was the fact that i had my father’s guitar with me.  she fell in love with it immediately and wanted to buy it.  i refused.  heh.

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