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tiff not so subtly hinted that i have not taken a belly shot in a few weeks. right she is. and so, just for her (and, ok, for posterity), i put on my belly shot uniform and took a pic. and now i’m going back to bed.

also, a bonus shot, taken by h, of me and kate, our dear friend who will christen sparky when she’s born. kate’s an amazing healer, who bridges the gap between buddhism and christianity. and she is the very same mystic friend who called sparky a girl from the day i found out i was pregnant.

kate, bananie, and sparky

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so here’s something fun.  i gots the bronchitis, with a loud barking cough and sneaky sneezes.  (drinking super hot yogi tea right now, with fresh ginger and cloves and cinnamon and honey, thanks to h.)  here’s the thing: sometime in the past 48 hours, sneezes have begun to make me squirt.  just a little bit.  but enough to inspire this phone conversation with h yesterday:

h : i’m on my way home.  do you need anything from the store?

me: yes….p-p-pantyliners.

h: giggle giggle

me: shut up.  and please get unscented.  there’s nothing sexier than smelling like flowers and pee.

and then last night, as i applied a liner to my pristine panties, h said, ‘you look like my mother’.


with the onset of incontinence, i’m really looking forward to uncontrollable flatulence in public places.  wheee!

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